Linear Premium Foldable Walking Treadmill with Phone Holder and Remote

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Linear Premium Foldable Walking Treadmill with Phone Holder and Remote

SKU: PRD-3227-323

Top-of-the-range 750-watt electric treadmill (2,000 Watt - 2.5 HP peak output). The YM treadmill is a really effective and sustainable way to lose weight and tone your body.Thanks to its compact size, the YM treadmill lets you perform essential cardio exercises to help you shed body fat in the comfort of your own home.Health studies suggest that running or walking 3 km daily at a steady pace can be as effective as intensive exercise sessions. The YM treadmill has been specially designed to facilitate this simple but extremely beneficial type of exercise.YM has 12 preset training programmes designed to simulate natural terrain, with three incline options to choose from.Its minimal design contributes to ease of use even in small spaces - you will be delighted to discover how simple it is to use.This treadmill model is compact both in use and when being stored.YM is designed to allow you to use virtually all the deck surface for running, and to occupy the smallest space possible when folded.The convenient wheels make it easy to transport the treadmill with minimum effort.It features a large digital LCD00 display for viewing the speed and other parameter (programme, heart rate, training time, etc).The display is equipped with buttons for rapid speed selection, increasing or decreasing the speed, and selecting the training programme.The screen has a safety key for automatic shutdown and drink holders on both sides.

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