eGo CE4 Vape Pen Shisha[Nicotine Free] Starter Kit

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eGo CE4 Vape Pen Shisha[Nicotine Free] Starter Kit

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CE4 Atomizer: Oil and Vapour separation structure, anti-leak and prevent oil suck into your mouth directly.
BATTERY: 2pcs 1100mAh full capacity lithium battery; Build-in high quality Rechargeable and Long battery cell.
eGo CE4 E-cigarettes Kit: Pack of 2 Classical E-cigarettes Set: All-in-One vape kits, including all you need as an e-cigarette starter.
FLASING: LED indicator will flash 15 times if battery is FULL charge. 5 Press in short time to Turn ON/OFF, avoid unintentional operation. 

Discoball eGo CE4 Electronic Cigarette E-cigarettes Vape Pens Vaporiser Shisha Starter Kit with Zipper Case

Upgrade Battery : 1100mAh full capacity lithium battery; Build-in high quality battery cell, Rechargeable and Long Lifespan.

Note: Charge one and use one, never be out of power. Upgrade brass contact pin, improve battery efficiency.

LED Power Prompt : When working(Not in charge), 3 modes of LED indicator for its POWER: White: 60%~100%;

Blue: 30%~59%;

Red: 0%~29%.

NOTE: Need to be recharged once the light turn RED. Please don't continue to use and let the battery exhausted completely, it would damage the lifespan of battery. So, pls charge in time.

Easy Charge: SB charger include,can connect any USB interface for charging. Note: When charging, the light on the adapter would turn red and turn green while the baterry is full charged.


Childproof Lock Design: Childproof Lock Design,prevent kids from touching the small parts. It would be a little hard to open. If you need more help,we are here and waiting for you.


Just Enjoy: All-in-One vape kits, including an extra liquid filling bottle, hanging neck rope meet your need as an e-cigarette starter. Easy for you to refill and enjoy vaping everywhere.



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