Max VG Cloud Chaser E Liquid 100ml x 2 Blueberg (HB) | PinkBerg for E Cigarettes

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Max VG Cloud Chaser E Liquid 100ml x 2 Blueberg (HB) | PinkBerg for E Cigarettes

SKU: PRD-3227-24

  •  Premium 1 x 100ml BlueBerg (HB) E liquid & 1 x 100ml PinkBerg E liquid (Total 200ml Multipack) fully compliant with the new EU TPD Law. All our E liquids are free from Diacetyl, Acetoin, Acetyl Propionyl, Tobacco & NICOTINE
  • 5 Years Flavour development only using premium, locally sourced ingredients from UK suppliers that are BRC food certified, for a highy consistant & safe vape.
  •  New design - reforumlated mixture for even stronger flavours - Suitable for all electronic cigeratte / Vape Pen Devices. Exceptional value for money, premium taste, great flavour & strong vape clouds.
  • 70% VG / 30% PG. Easy use bottle, with removable nib, for a quick way to fill up your E Cigeratte tank / device

Vape Street 1 x 100ml Blueberg (HB) E liquid & 1 x 100ml PinkBerg E liquid (200ml total). We create the finest E-liquids on the vape market, we pride ourselves in only using the very best & highest quality ingredients that have been specially made to comply with the new EU vaping & E-liquids law. We have been manufacturing safe & great tasting e liquid flavours for over 5 years, and we promise you a superb vaping experience with all our E-liquids. We offer Real flavours with strong, long lasting & premium taste. All our E-liquids come in child safety, temper evident bottles with batch numbers & batch dates for your safety and peace of mind. Vape Street is a reputable E-liquid favoured by many vapours, for it’s great tasting E-liquid & fantastically low price. This mixed fruit e Liquid bundle delivers mouthwatering vape flavours to make any vapours tongue twist. Vape Street combines advanced technology with premium E-liquid flavours directly to normal everyday vapours / smokers. We put the Vapour (you) first when creating our premium e-liquids, and will always make sure they taste, look, smell & even feel great on a consistent basis. Our Vape Juices are manufactured in Tamworth United Kingdom, and created with the highest graded, ethically sourced, BRC food graded raw ingredients under the strictest health & safety Standards, we will never comprise quality for quantity or profit! We have discovered the best VG / PG ratio for vapours & e liquids are 70% VG / 30% PG. This gives the vapour a great throat hit, whilst combing strong, intense flavour taste. No Diacetyl, No Acetoin, No Acetyly Propionyl & No Tobacco. All our E-liquids are free from TAR, Tobacco, Nicotine, Carbon monoxide & any other banned, nasty or harmful substances (e.g Acetoin, Diacetyl).

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