MECIGA Disposable Fruity Flavored Vape Pens - Nicotine Free

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MECIGA Disposable Fruity Flavored Vape Pens - Nicotine Free

SKU: PRD-3227-42

  • Disposable Vape Pen.
  • Premium Performance Vape.
  • Rich Fruity Flavours.
  • Perfect Solution for Vaping.
  • Replacement Promise.

LYCHEE ICE : It’s the MUST TRY flavour, if you are the lychee fan, highly restoration of the lychee fruity, rich and full fleshy, with little icy, let you immersed in.

PINEAPPLE MANGO : Ripe mango blended with the sweet and fresh of pineapple. The flavour of tropical style is coming to the nose, tangy and secret.

BERRY CRASHSweet strawberry at the first mouth, and little sour raspberry coming along, at last the blueberry with a little cooling, bring you refreshing feeling and want one more time

QUALIFIED DISPOSABLE VAPEMECIGA disposable vape built-in 900mAh battery, provide large smoke, let you enjoy the amazing vaping experience.

EASY-CARRY DISPOSABLE VAPEPortable and compact, convenient for you to carry, allowing you to be able to vape anytime, anywhere.

DURABLE DISPOSABLE VAPEAppr. 1000puffs per device, it will be difference depends on everyone's vaping habits.






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