MECIGA Disposable Fruity Flavored Vape Pens - Nicotine Free

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MECIGA Disposable Fruity Flavored Vape Pens - Nicotine Free

SKU: PRD-3227-47

  • Premium Fruity Flavours – Combination pack with three mixed fruity flavours: Watermelon Strawberry, Raspberry Cherry, Pineapple Coconut, featuring notes of rich fruity that is sure to delight
  • Prefilled E liquid 
  • Perfect Solution for Vaping.
  • Replacement Promise.

RASPBERRY CHERRY : Rich berry flavours collide produces sour and sweet in the mouth.

PINEAPPLE COCONUT : Ripe pineapple and refreshing sweet coconut, a crush of tropical flavours, will give you a great sense of satisfaction.

WATERMELON STRAWBERRY : Fresh watermelon coming out from the mouth, well-balanced with light strawberry aroma undertone. Gives a feeling of happiness.

QUALIFIED DISPOSABLE VAPE : MECIGA disposable vape built-in 900mAh battery, provide large smoke, let you enjoy the amazing vaping experience.

EASY-CARRY DISPOSABLE VAPE : Portable and compact, convenient for you to carry, allowing you to be able to vape anytime, anywhere.

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