Xn8 Non Slip Exercise Yoga Mat-6mm-Thick-Carry-Bag-Pilates-Fitness

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Xn8 Non Slip Exercise Yoga Mat-6mm-Thick-Carry-Bag-Pilates-Fitness

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Xn8 Non Slip Exercise Yoga Mat-6mm-Thick-Carry-Bag-Pilates-Fitness


  • ? THICK CUSHIONING: Enjoy injury-free and fatigue-free workout, thanks to the 6 mm thick and top quality PVC foam of Xn8 Sports yoga/ Pilates mat. Long workouts are made comfortable due to its enhanced cushioning. The highly dense and latex-free foam material offers comfort and durability.
  • ? NON-SLIP AND WATER-RESISTANT SURFACE: Indulge in all kinds of yoga poses, aerobics, sit-ups, and push-ups. Cleaning and upkeep are easy due to its water-resistant and non-stick surface. You can store it up in a little space in no time.
  • ? LIGHT-WEIGHT PACKAGE: This Pilates mat rolls up easily into a small and light-weight package. Its carry strap and pouch make it convenient to pick up and carry around. You can easily carry it on foot to your yoga or Pilates classes.

High Density PVC Yoga Mat

6mm Multi Colours

Xn8 Sports Yoga Mat is 6mm thick and provides excellent comfort and shock absorption; thus protecting your knees and feet and making it suitable for a number of different fitness activities in addition to yoga.

This is a perfect companion for use with training exercises at home or in the gym. Featuring a light weight design with easy to carry handles, you can now to take this to your yoga, pilates or any other fitness classes.

A perfect product for Yoga. With option of over 13 colours you can have the right colour you like. This product will provide a soft support. Non stick and non slip features make it perfect must have product.