Premium Non Slip TPE Yoga Mat for Home or Gym Workouts For Men and Women

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Meglio Yoga Mat, Premium Non Slip TPE Yoga Mat 8mm Thick, Eco friendly Mat for Yoga, Pilates, Fitness Exercises, Gymnastics, Stretching, Home or Gym Workouts For Men and Women with FREE Carry Strap Included

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  • ECO FRIENDLY & EXTRA THICK YOGA MAT – Meglio have created a eco-friendly yoga mat with an 8mm thickness to ensure that you are supported and comfortable as possible when the yoga mat is in use. The 8mm thickness is perfect to perform yoga positions and even support you for fitness workouts that target your abs.
  • MULTI PURPOSE – Meglio’s Yoga mat is a not just designed to be used for multiple uses. Whether it is yoga, Pilates, core workouts, gym routines and meditation. The Meglio yoga mat is designed for you.
  • FREE CARRY STRAP – The 8mm thickness Meglio Yoga Mat can easily be rolled up into a compact size. Now this Yoga Mat includes a free shoulder carry strap to help you carry the Yoga Mat. Yoga Mat is 183cm x 61cm fully laid out.
  • NON SLIP SUPPORT – The Meglio TPE yoga mat has an extra grip bottom side support which will support you during your yoga positions and fitness workouts to make sure you only concentrate on achieving the yoga position or on reaching that extra repetition.
  • HIGH QUALITY & LONG LASTING – The 8mm thickness yoga mat was designed to with stand the day to day usage of yoga class and fitness workouts. The yoga mat uses highest quality TPE foam which is durable for a large amount of usage

An Exercise Mat for Everyone

The Meglio 8 mm mat has been created with stability and comfort in mind. At 8mm thick our Yoga mat is suitable not only for Yoga but can be used for a wide range of activities and exercises such as Pilates, Meditation, Core workouts and even intensive gym routines. We are proud to have produced a good quality long lasting mat which can withstand vigorous day to day use.


Closed-cell foam Hygenic material prevents water and dirt penetration, easy to clean simply use soapy water or other chemicals to clean and leave to air dry.