Vape Starter Kits - Best E Cigarettes Starter Vape Kits

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Vape Starter Kits - Best E Cigarettes Starter Vape Kits

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  • Simple To Use: One button vape kit, 5 fast clicks of power button to switch it on/off, hold down the power button when vaping/inhaling vapour.


  • Top Refill Ecig Tank: The vape liquid can be refilled easily by simply unscrewing the top-cap, no need to unscrew the tank from the e cig battery when filling eliquid.Smart Mini vapes starter kit provide a smooth and sleek vaping experience.


  • Nicely Designed Gift: If you are looking for a vape pen as a gift for your friend,elegant style design for vaper,This vapor pen is a perfect starter kit in nice package.


  • Minimal in Design: It’s a slender and pocketable vape made for ease of use. It is appealing and stylish electronic cigarette, comfortable to hold in your hand and easily fits in pockets or handbags. 


  • Safe&Excellent After-Sales Service:  This e vape comes with built-in protections to avoid over-vaping, over-heating, over-charging and short circuit.TPD Compliant, CE RoHS certificated.We will Response to your message in 24 hours! The package does not contain nicotine. 

Important information

Safety Information:


1. ---. Be sure to read your User Manual supplied with the product.2. ---. Can be used with ≥70% VG liquids.3. ---. Fill 2/3 tank of eliquid.4. ---. Don't let the liquid stay overnight, Prevent cotton from immersing for too long and being damaged. Keeping Tank standing.5. ---. So easy to use quick charge I highly recommend ideal for personal use or as a gift.6. ---. THORVAP Vape is only sold on Amazon, so all accessories can only be found on Amazon. Thank you.After Sales Service:Note: If you have any questions, Please contact the seller through your order number, we can discuss, and we will help you resolve any and will not cause you any loss. Please, Thank you.Safety Information: 1. This product contains nicotine which is a highly addictive substance ( this warning only applies where the device is used with nicotine).2. Child safety warning ("Keep this product out of the reach of children").3. Size of our cartridge is not exceeding 2ml.4. Package No liquid, No nicotine included. Not suitable for those under the age of 18 and pregnant women.


Legal Disclaimer


This product contains nicotine which is a highly addictive substance( this warning only applies where the device is used with nicotine).Keep this product out of the reach of children.People shown using e-cigarettes or playing a significant role must not look under 25.Size of our cartridge is not exceeding 2ml, No Nicotine.



Best Choice for Starter

  • It is designed for stater who first time contacts vaping or tired of multifunctional box mod, or wants to get rid of normal cigs.
  • Portable Pen-like designs make it could bring to everwhere, home, office or outside.
  • Direct Output 50W cooperate with 0.5Ohm resistance coil offer you decent vapour and pure taste.


Power Save 2.0 & Top Refilll

  • Top Refill design helps you fill vape liquid more conveniently. No need to take off whole tank. Better Airflow, Better Taste.
  • Power Save 2.0 supports you at least 2 day under regular vaping. Direct Output 50W with 1500mAh battery, Last longer than ever.
  • For better vaping experience, we only recommend 70VG no nicotine contained liquid


Battery Life & Charge

Visible current battery level Design. There are 3 levels. It's easy to tell current battery level with the push of a button.

  • When power button flash red by 10 times, it means low battery warning, you need to charge.
  • You can charge your vape pen in a few ways : plug to wall charger, power bank, car charger, laptop or computer.
  • If you charge with wall charger, please use 5V/1A wall charger.
  • Note: Please turn it off when not using vape device.


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