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ASCOT Glass Kettle Electric -1.7L Eco Water Tea Kettle Quiet Fast Boiling with BPA Free Auto Shut-Off & Boil-Dry Protection, 3000W

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ASCOT Glass Kettle Electric -1.7L Eco Water Tea Kettle Quiet Fast Boiling with BPA Free Auto Shut-Off & Boil-Dry Protection, 3000W


  • ?Rapid Boil?ASCOT 3000W crodless electric glass Kettle heats fast and boils water in approximately within 5 MINUTES, help you to prepare breakfast and afternoon tea more quickly. ASCOT Water electric Kettle makes your life more convenient and saves your valuable time.
  • ?Borosilicate Glass and Stainless Steel? With borosilicate glass housing and food grade stainless steel lid and base. 304 stainless steel food-grade material and BPA Free,The Ascot electric crodless kettle glass is also equipped with an anti-scalding handle, temperature controlled chassis, made of high quality plastic, can play a role in flame retardant. The glass electric water kettle will automatically turn off the heating element when the water boils or is exhausted during use.
  • ?Auto Shut-off & Boil Dry ProTection?ASCOT glass crodless electric kettle shuts off automatically when the water reaches the desired temperature. The dry protection feature avoids dry boiling when the water level is too low, to ensure safety and save power.
  • ?Safe to use & Low noise?glass electric kettle With automatic shut-off and boiling dry protection. When the water is boiled, the kettle's indicator light will automatically turn off. You can also stop it manually at any time. Or it will turn off the glass kettle when there is no water to enter. The water heater kettle has a 1.7 liter capacity and is equipped with a blue indicator turns off if it detects overheating or there is no water inside. Pretty quiet With low noise when boiling.
  • ?Your Investment is Fully Guaranteed? We believe our electric water electric kettles glass are manufactured to exacting quality standards to provide the best experience for our customers. ASCOT glass kettle is a brand dedicated to making kitchen utensils designed to help your life be healthier and more convenient. If you have any questions, please contact us. We offer a 2-year warranty.


Unlike other products that are mass produced by modern machinery, our electric kettles are handmade, crafted by very experienced craftsmen. This is an artwork more than a tea kettle. With this kettle, it is so pleasant to enjoy a cup of tea and several toasts in a sunny morning, thus to make your lifestyle more elegant.


The electric kettle is made of food grade borosilicate glass and 304 stainless bottom , water level indicator, 360 degrees swivel base and anti-hot handle, our tea kettle is friendly designed totally. All of these advantages help to make your life more convenient and much easier. What is more, the water kettle is made from ALL FOOD GRADE MATERIAL, please feel free to enjoy the water. This is the most friendly and also a safe choice for your family.


-What you need: an electric kettle, white vinegar(or citric acid), tap water.

(1) Add white vinegar and water into the kettle, about 25% of vinegar and 75% of water.

(2)Soak for 20-30 minutes. Then boil the water and discard the solution.

(3)If the water scale is too thick to remove, repeat step (1) and soak for 40 minutes, then use a soft bottle brush to clean the inside surface. Boil the water and discard the solution.Rinse the kettle until the smell of vinegar is gone.