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Interactive Design

The F75 treadmill from Sportstech stands out due to its very strong performance.

Latest Technology

Top speeds of up to 20 km/h are possible with the help of a peak power of 5 HP.

Android Display

Runner can Shows speed, distance, gradient, time, calories and heart rate etc.

WiFi feature

Runner can connect wifi and enjoy music as well as operate many funcations.

Important Features

If you want to improve your fitness, reach new goals or lose weight, training on a good treadmill offers countless possibilities.

Heart Rate Monitor

Runner can moniter accurate heart rate using sensor.

Step Counter

Runner can show step counter on display.

Stereo speakers

Runner can enjoy music while running on treadmill.

Not slow, but safe

it offers you even more comfort and a more pleasant running feeling

Smarter sweating

The Android console ready to play video and music playback options.


Easly connect wifi with treadmill and enjoy music and Mobile App.

Quick Fold Funcation

F75 treadmill is best folding machine and occupied less space.

Think Tank

we design and develop everything that makes the athlete's heart beat faster.

Description With Video

The F75 treadmill from Sportstech is also perfect for beginners or leisurely runners. The high-quality running surface offers an extremely joint-gentle and knee-gentle fitness workout

Silent Features

The high-quality running surface offers an extremely joint-gentle and knee-gentle fitness workout.

Top speeds of up to 20 km/h are possible thanks to the very powerful and durable DC engine with a peak power of 5 HP. . A gradient of up to 18 % makes extremely varied running training . The engine is also extra quiet.

With the 15.6" LCD touch screen display you always have all training information in sight and can enjoy unlimited entertainment. Also comes with a tablet holder, stereo speakers, WiFi, USB, MP3, bottle holder, hand pulse sensors and 12 pre-installed programs.

The multi-layer treadmill surface in combination with the active cushioning system ensures a pleasant running feeling and offers an endurance training that is gentle on joints and knees.

1956 mm x 1022 mm x 1393 mm (when folded: 1370 mm x 1020 mm x 1570 mm), Net weight of the F75: 140 KG, max. user weight: 200 KG Attention: Note: Delivery only to kerbside.

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